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BakaiBank provides high-quality and accessible service for corporate clients



Bakai Bank provides quality and convenient services to corporate clients:

Pros of client services in Bakai Bank:

  • Favorable rates.
  • Servicing in a wide branch network.
  • An effective e-payment system (SWIFT).
  • A wide correspondent network.

Payment transactions


  • Opening and maintaining all types of current and checking accounts in national and foreign currency for residents and non-residents of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • Carrying out settlements on behalf of the Client on his/her bank account with the execution of the transaction within one business day.
  • Carrying out payments in Kyrgyz soms via the system of intraregional and inter-regional electronic settlements.
  • Carrying out all forms of international settlements on export and import transactions.
  • International payments through correspondent accounts in foreign banks via the SWIFT system.
  • Crediting funds to clients' accounts on the day they are received by the bank.
  • Use of monetary funds on the day they are credited to the current account.
  • Obtaining consultations on the procedure of banking operations and observing cash discipline.
  • Providing prompt and accurate information on the flow of funds through the accounts.
  • Carrying out payments in “Internet Banking” and “Bank-Client” electronic settlement systems.

Cash transactions


  • Accepting and converting cash in national and foreign currencies in the Bank’s cash office with subsequent crediting to the client’s current account;
  • Exchanging banknotes for banknotes/coins;
  • Cash exchange transactions with foreign currency.

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0 мес.

50000 som

Interest rate


Monthly payments

1234 som

Total interest

1234 som

Payout amount

65 000 som

Loan payment schedule

The result of calculating a calculator is informative. Exact parameters loan will be calculated by the Bank on the results of your application.

For more information, please contact Bakai OJSC Bank".

Month Balance sheet Principal amount Interest Payment

The frequency and amount of loan payments may differ from those shown in According to terms of the loan agreement. This loan payment schedule is not a public offer and intended for reference only.


Foreign Exchange Rates

Purchase Sale
USD 80.5000 80.9000
EUR 95.0000 96.5000
RUB 1.0420 1.0580
KZT 0.1820 0.1950
GBP 94.0000 108.0000
CNY 9.0000 13.0000
Purchase Sale
USD 80.1000 81.3000
EUR 94.4000 96.9000
RUB 1.0100 1.0800
KZT 0.1400 0.2000
GBP 93.0000 109.0000
CNY 8.5000 13.5000
FX rate
USD 80.8000
EUR 95.7440
RUB 1.0489
KZT 0.1888
GBP 105.7800
CNY 12.2067

Course listed on 23.10.2020

Exchange rates are valid for Bishkek city. Exchange rates are valid for an amount of up to $1000 (or equivalent in other currencies), rates for amounts above$1000 are contractual