Bank guarantee for securing funds on a separate account

Bank guarantee for securing funds on a separate account

up to 24 months


from 1%


Target audience:

Entrepreneurs (individuals) working on the basis of a patent or as PE.

Legal entities

Bank guarantee currency:


Minimum amount:

5 000 KGS, 100 USD, 100 EUR

Bank guarantee period:

Bank guarantee period depends on the contract between the Beneficiary and the Principal.

Maximum bank guarantee period – 36 months. At the same time, the bank guarantee period should strictly correspond to the contract execution period. 


1. Legal entities:

- At least 12 months of work experience

- A decision of the authorized body of the legal entity on obtaining a bank guarantee;

- Absence of any arrears to tax bodies and the social services department.


2. Individual entrepreneurs:

- Be a resident of the Kyrgyz Republic with a business in the region where the loan is requested;

- Aged 18-60

- Citizens of countries - EEU participants

- At least 1 year of work experience

- Positive credit history

- An official letter for obtaining a BG

- A decision of founders on obtaining a BG

- An invitation to the tender bid (or an agreement/contract, where the BG is specified)

- BG form

- Passport copies of the founders, the head (heads), the chief accountant;

- Founding documents (state registration certificate, a document confirming state tax payer registration, a document confirming registration of a legal entity in the Social Fund, statistical card, license – if the type of activity is subject to licensing, charter, Founder’s Agreement (if available), a decree on appointing the head and chief accountant, decision on establishing the company)

- Absence of tax arrears certificate (Social Fund, tax)

- Financial statements (with the tax inspectorate mark)

* Other documents by request


For securing a loan

up to 24 months
from 3%

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Payment schedule
Loan amount

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Interest rate

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Monthly installment


Total to return


The result of calculating a calculator is informative. Exact parameters loan will be calculated by the Bank on the results of your application.

For more information, please contact Bakai OJSC Bank".

Month Remainder Repayment Repayment % Payouts

The frequency and amount of loan payments may differ from those shown in According to terms of the loan agreement. This loan payment schedule is not a public offer and intended for reference only.


Foreign Exchange Rates

Purchase Sale
USD 69.8000 69.9000
EUR 76.7000 77.5000
RUB 1.1120 1.1250
KZT 0.1810 0.1860
GBP 89.0000 93.0000
CNY 9.6000 10.5000
Purchase Sale
USD 69.7000 69.9000
EUR 76.3000 77.9000
RUB 1.0900 1.1650
KZT 0.1750 0.1930
GBP 86.0000 96.0000
CNY 8.9000 11.0000
FX rate
USD 69.8443
EUR 77.1640
RUB 1.1301
KZT 0.1845
GBP 91.7545
CNY 10.0689

Course listed on 28.01.2020

Exchange rates are valid for Bishkek city. Exchange rates are valid for an amount of up to $1000 (or equivalent in other currencies), rates for amounts above$1000 are contractual