Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund

Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund

up to 5 years


from 5%


from USD 1 000 000


KR citizens who meet selection criteria for Program participants and criteria of the Interim Provision of the Government of the KR



Small and medium enterprises, registered and operating on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic, that meet the following criteria:

  1. With a volume of gross revenues for the previous year not exceeding KGS 200 million;
  2. Average number of employees for the reporting period not exceeding 250;
  3. Share of the state, public and religious organizations (associations), charitable and other foundations in the authorized capital of SME should not exceed 5 percent.
  4. Share in the authorized capital of SME, belonging to one or several legal entities who are not SMEs, should not exceed 50%;
  5. The SME to whom the loan is issued should not be an insider or an affiliated party of the Bank or the Fund;
  6. SME should be financially stable;
  7. No bankruptcy proceedings should be initiated against the borrower as well as participants -legal entities, whose share in the borrower's authorized capital exceeds 51 percent;
  8. Availability of transparent and economically substantiated primary sources (to avoid the need to sell collateral in case of default) for each loan repayment

Loan currency: KGS, USD

Loan amount: from USD 3 000 or its equivalent in KGS up to USD 1 000 000 or its equivalent in KGS

Intended use:

Acquisition, renewal, expansion and modernization of fixed assets in the following sectors: agro-industrial complex, clothing and textile industry, processing industry, mining and metallurgical industry, transport, infrastructural development, including tourism, trade, medical and education infrastructure, as well as other long-term investments aimed at production with a goal of reaching targets and objectives, set out in the Fund’s Statute, and sectoral classification, published on the Fund’s official website.


Funds for re-financing loans in other banks should not exceed 30% of the loan amount and can be provided, if, at the same time, the following conditions are met:

1. The refinanced loan was used for investment purposes and is related to the project under implementation;

2. The targeted use of the refinanced loan is confirmed by appropriate transaction documents (account statements, contracts, invoices, CCD, waybill, job completion certificate, delivery and acceptance certificate);

3. At the time of the application’s review, the term of the refinanced loan use should be at least 6 months;

4. No overdue principal and interest payments for the refinanced loan;

5. No restructuring of the refinanced loan, connected to a deterioration in the financial situation or debt servicing (principal and interest payments), unless otherwise decided by the Fund's Board of Directors.

Refinancing loans issued by financial and credit institutions, other than banks, is not permitted.


Interest rate:

In KGS – 10% per annum; in US dollars – 5% per annum

In KGS – 12% per annum; in US dollars – 7% per annum for the fields indicated below:


- Improvement of tourism infrastructure in Bishkek

- Improvement of trade infrastructure

- Improvement of education infrastructure

- Transport field

- Communications and information services.  

Borrower eligibility:


  • Entrepreneurs (individuals) working on the basis of a patent or as PE;
  • Legal entities;
  • Own input in the amount of at least 15% of the total sum of each financed project.


The following can be used as investments in the project:


- cash and non-cash funds;


- financial resources invested in the project's capital expenditures from the moment of submitting an application to the Bank or prior to it, with the condition that it was confirmed that without these expenditures the share of the project, financed by the Bank’s loan, would not have had economic rationale;


- assets in the form of basic production assets used in the project.


  • At least 12 months of work experience;
  • Availability of at least one guarantor with a steady income;


  • Cash withdrawal amount for Bishkek, Osh and Jalal-Abad cities, Alamudun and Sokuluk districts of Chui province:

- 10% of the loan amount - if the loan amount does not exceed KGS 2 million (or USD 30c)


- not more than USD 15 thousand (or KGS 1 million) as part of one loan – if the loan amount exceeds KGS 2 million (or USD 30 thousand)


Cash withdrawal amount for Panfilov, Jayil, Moskovsky, Issyk-Ata, Chuy, and Kemin districts of Chui province, as well as Osh, Jalal-Abad, Issyk-Kul, Talas, Batken, and Naryn provinces of the Kyrgyz Republic comprises USD 30 thousand (or its equivalent in another currency);



At least 1 guarantor is required.


A guarantor with independent income or a guarantee of a spouse, if the client is married, income confirmation is mandatory.


Depending on the loan risk, the Loan Committee is entitled to increase the number of guarantors for each loan.

1. Borrower’s passport and notarized declaration of marital status (if the Borrower is unmarried/divorced/widowed);


2. Certificate of marriage registration – submitted to confirm spousal relationship;


3. Passport of Borrower’s spouse (if available), declaration of consent for obtaining a loan;


4. Documents of title and title certification for collateral property;


5. Copy of Pledger’s passport and notarized declaration of marital status (if the Pledger is unmarried/divorced/widowed);


6. Certificate of marriage registration – submitted to confirm spousal relationship;


7. Passport of Pledger’s spouse (if available), declaration of consent for obtaining a loan;


8. Documents for the business


9. Guarantor’s passport and declaration of marital status (if Guarantor is unmarried/divorced/widowed);


10. Guarantor’s certificate of marriage registration – submitted to confirm spousal relationship;

11. Passport of Guarantor’s spouse (if available), guarantor consent form;


12. Certificate of salary for at least the last 12 months (in tabular form – accrued, deducted, net pay) or other documents confirming Guarantor’s solvency;


13. Founding documents, if the Borrower is a legal entity.


14. As well as other documents necessary for processing a loan.

Management Board


up to 5 years
from 12%
up to 2 500 000 KGS

Small loans

up to 5 years
from 11%
Up to 20 000 000 KGS

Corporate loans

up to 5 years
from 10%
from 5 000 000 KGS

Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund

up to 5 years
from 5%
from USD 1 000 000

Mortgage loan for commercial purposes

up to 10 years
from 18%
up to KGS 20 000 000

Mortgage loan for commercial purposes

up to 7 years
from 7%
Up to 15 000 000 KGS

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The frequency and amount of loan payments may differ from those shown in According to terms of the loan agreement. This loan payment schedule is not a public offer and intended for reference only.


Foreign Exchange Rates

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Exchange rates are valid for Bishkek city. Exchange rates are valid for an amount of up to $1000 (or equivalent in other currencies), rates for amounts above$1000 are contractual