Instant money transfers worldwide!

BAKAI BANK offers a wide range of money transfer systems and offers you an opportunity to send and receive money worldwide without opening an account!

Currently, more than 130 branches of BAKAI BANK provide high-quality, fast and convenient financial services for sending and receiving money transfers in all regions of Kyrgyzstan!

Transfer MoneyGram


MoneyGram – simple, quick and reliable international money transfers. Receiving transfers with MoneyGram is easy and convenient as there are agent locations in more than 200 countries across the world.


Terms and conditions:

  • Transfer currency: US dollars (USD)
  • Transfer cost *: from $3
  • Maximum transfer amount – up to $10 000
  • Transfer speed – several minutes
  • Information about the transfer status on the website of the MoneyGram system.       


There is no single fee set in the system: commission for a transfer depends on the sent amount, the receiving country as well as special offers valid at the moment of sending a transfer,

therefore, in each specific case it is necessary to find out the transfer cost in bank locations at the moment of sending the transfer.

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Transfer CONTACT


The CONTACT Payment system has been operating since 1999 and is the first Russian money transfer system. The CONTACT System is currently one of the leaders in the field of money transfers in Russia and countries of the near abroad. CONTACT’s partners include more than 900 financial institutions in Russia and around the world. International CONTACT network includes over 500 thousand service points – bank branches, payment terminals, offices of bank payment agents and others in over 170 countries.  

With the help of the CONTACT payment system you can send money transfers quickly and at a reasonable price in offices of BAKAI BANK OJSC through a simplified procedure without opening an account:

Sending fees start from 1%

  • Around the world – Kyrgyzstan, Russia, countries of the near and far abroad – in total, over 170 countries;
  • The maximum amount to be sent in rubles – 600 000, in dollars – 20 000, in euros – 20 000.
  • In Russian rubles, US dollars and euros;
  • Addressless payment – you can receive transfers in any CONTACT service point in Kyrgyzstan, Russia and countries of the near abroad.

Main advantages of the system:

  • Expedient – the cost of Bank’s services are covered by the sending person. Payment of the transfer to the receiving person does not have a fee.
  • Convenient – to send a transfer you do not need to know bank details, you can simply indicate the country, city, last, first and middle name of the receiving person.
  • Quick – a simplified procedure for registering transfer takes several minutes and does not require filling out an application form. 
  • Reliable – the safety of transfers is ensured by special software with advanced information security technologies.


You can also check the transfer status online

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Transfer Western Union

Western Union

BAKAI BANK OJSC offers quick and convenient money transfers across the entire world!!


  • Over 550 thousand agent locations!
  • Agents in over 200 countries!
  • Company’s turnover is 150 billion USD.
  • Fee from 2 US dollars.
  • Maximum transfer amount – 7 500$


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Transfer Unistream



The UNISTREAM money transfer system appeared in the transfer market in 2001 and quickly earned a reputation as a reliable payment system. The recipe for success was simple: we analyzed the market and concluded that most people could not afford money transfers at the time due to overly high fees offered by the main players in the market. Therefore, we were the first in Russia and the CIS countries to offer a minimum fee – 1% of the transfer amount, so that our

clients would be confident – they can always send money to their friends and close ones without paying an exorbitantly high fee for the transfer.

 UNISTREAM– instant money transfers to the CIS countries and the countries of the near and far abroad without opening an account.


Thanks to the UNISTREAM money transfer system, you can quickly and easily send money transfers in offices of BAKAI BANK OJSC without opening an account:

  • Sending fees start from 1%
  • Globally – Kyrgyzstan, Russia, countries of the near and far abroad – in total, over 150 countries;
  • Maximum transfer amount in rubles is 600 000, in dollars – 10 000, in euros – 10 000
  • In Russian rubles, US dollars and euros;
  • Addressless payments – a transfer can be received in any service point in Kyrgyzstan, Russia or countries of the near abroad.


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Transfer KoronaPay



“KoronaPay – Money Transfers” is an instant money transfer service that does not require opening an account, with over 50 thousand service points on the territory of Russia and in the countries of the near and far abroad. Currently, over 550 banks are participating in the service.

“KoronaPay – Money Transfers” includes:

  • A minimum fee for sending – from 0.95%  
  • Maximum sending amount in Russian roubles is 600 000, in US dollars – 10 000, in euros – 10 000.
  • Control – you can check the status of a transfer online 24/7 on the website of “KoronaPay – Money Transfers” service.


Fees for sending money transfers via KoronaPay


List of BAKAI BANK OJSC locations where you can send or receive a money transfer  

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Transfer Bakai Transfer

Bakai Transfer


Local currency: minimum commission is 50 from the transfer amount.   

Foreign currency: minimum commission in US dollars is 1 dollar; in euro 1 euro; in tenge 200 tenge; in roubles 50 roubles.                      

Coverage: throughout the Kyrgyz Republic.

Maximum transfer amount: up to 1 000 000 soms, up to 700 000 Russian roubles, up to 20 000 US dollars, up to 15 000 Euros, up to 3 000 000 Tenge.

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Transfer Blizko


"Blizko" provides urgent money transfers for individuals without opening an account in Russia and CIS countries in Russian roubles, U.S. dollars and euros. Transfer time - 1 minute from the moment of sending the transfer; commission for the transfer depending on the amount of transfer. Fee for the transfer is charged according to Blizko's tariffs.

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Transfer RIA Money Transfer

RIA Money Transfer

Ria Money Transfer has been working in the market since 1987 and is one of the top three global leaders in international money transfers, with a turnover of over $575 billion per year. The global network consists of over 350 000 agent locations in 150 countries across 6 continents.


Ria – fast money transfers to Europe, USA, countries of the near and far abroad at the most advantageous rates.

With Ria, your loved ones are closer than ever before!

Advantages of Ria Money Transfer:

  • Money transfers are available for collection within minutes after sending;
  • Foreign transfers are sent and received in euros/ US dollars;
  • Commission is 1-3% from the transfer amount, depending on the country of destination;
  • The recipient is not charged a commission.

All money transfers in Ria Money Transfer are non-commercial!


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