Terms of service and opening a bank account

Bakai Bank provides high quality and affordable services to individual customers

Bakai Bank offers you to take advantage of its service for opening an account for individuals with free of charge service fee. You do not pay a monthly fee for using the account, you only pay for any transactions performed.

Enjoy the new possibility of safekeeping your money with quick access to it, including foreign currencies. Keep your money safe, make large purchases without a risk, and usemoney transfers and currency exchange transactions.

With an individual current account you can:

  • Receive wire transfers of your salary, pension, social security benefits and other payments from government funds and commercial organizations.
  • Make and withdraw cash the day you apply.
  • Make non-cash payments to counterparties in Kyrgyzstan as well as worldwide.
  • Control transactions and manage your money through the mobile banking Bakai24. Online bank account opening service is available.
  • Exchange currencies at a favorable exchange rate and without lining up at exchange offices.

How to open a personal account?

Opening bank accounts for personal non-business purposes takes very little time. It is enough to submit an application, this can be done during a personal visit to the nearest branch. Then it all you have to do is sign an agreement. Do not forget to bring the original passport.


Bakai Bank provides quality and affordable services for private customers:

Pros of servicing with Bakai Bank:

  • Favourable rates
  • Extensive network of branches
  • Efficient system of electronic payments (SWIFT)
  • Wide correspondent network

Ways to replenish your checking account, cards and repay loans:

Settlement transactions

  • Opening and maintaining all types of settlement and current accounts in national and foreign currency for residents and non-residents of the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Making settlements by order of a customer on his bank account with the execution of the operation within one transaction day
  • Making all forms of international settlements on export-import transactions
  • Making payments in KGS through the system of intraregional and interregional electronic settlements
  • Making international payments by SWIFT through correspondent accounts in foreign banks
  • Crediting customer accounts on the day they are credited to the bank
  • Utilization of funds on the day they are credited to the current account
  • Obtaining assistance about the procedure of banking operations and compliance with cash discipline
  • Providing quick and exact information about cash flow on the accounts
  • Making payments via Internet-Banking, Bank-Client and Mobile-Banking electronic payment systems

Cash transactions 

  • Receipt and recalculation of cash in national and foreign currency at the bank's cash desk with crediting to the customer's current account
  • Exchange of banknotes for banknotes/coins
  • Exchange operations with foreign currency in cash