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Free of charge

Annual fee

100 soms


The ELCART bank payment card is a card of the national payment system of Kyrgyzstan. ELCART card is designed for non-cash payments (payment for goods and services), receipt of salaries, pensions, allowances in ATMs and POS-terminals on the territory of Kyrgyzstan.

ELCART bank cards are accessible to any segment of the local market, i.e. both for those employees receiving payroll payments on their cards (those who get paid with a payroll card) (use your credit for payroll) (teachers, doctors) and the retired employees, individuals and even corporate clients can use them.

Important advantages of this product are:

  • affordability;
  • fast expansion of ATM and terminal network;
  • reliability;
  • 24/7 access to your funds (you can cash out your funds at any time you want since many ATMs operate 24/7), you can also make necessary transactions from the comfort of your home using yourBakai24 mobile banking ;
  • convenient payment for goods and services;
  • save time on utility payments and other services through Bakai24 mobile banking;
  • secure storage of funds;
  • convenience when getting paid while working shifts, traveling or traveling on business;
  • opportunity to issue additional cards for family members with possibility to set for them a limited or unlimited access to the account.

Attractiveness of ELCART cards is supported by revolving credit cards equal to up to 5 salaries, loyalty programs, 2% cash-back.

In addition, the bank has developed tariffs that take into account different segments of the market. The lowest tariffs (in soms) are set for employees of government institutions and budget organizations within the framework of payroll projects.

The national payment card is designed to pay for goods and services in trade and service enterprises, as well as to receive cash in cash dispensers and ATMs on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Currency: KGS

Issue: free of charge

Annual fee: 100 soms

For more information, please reach our Contact Center by dialing 6111 or visit our Bakai Bank branch.

Payroll Project

Elcart / Visa salary cards significantly reduce the load on cash transactions performed by accounting department of an organization and ensure confidentiality of salary payments.

One of the main advantages is the absence of queues for salaries which in turn saves time of the employees, and reduces cost of cash collection.

In addition, participants of the Salary project are also provided with an opportunity to receive a card overdraft loan ("Urgent Advance").

Terms and conditions for the maintenance of cards for salary projects:

  • Issue: Free of charge
  • Currency: Som
  • Minimum balance: 0
  • Cashless payment for goods and services: Free of charge
  • Opportunity of a large preferential cashout at OJSC “Bakai Bank” and from the devices of partner banks within the Friendly network

For more information, please reach our call center by dialing 6111 or visit our Bakai Bank branch.

Friendly Network

The "Friendly Network" is a wide network of ATMs and terminals throughout Kyrgyzstan. For the convenience of customers, banks, it united their devices into a single network serving cards.

  • over 400 ATMs;
  • over 600 cash points (POS-terminals).

Our cardholders can withdraw cash using their Elcard/VISA payment cards on devices of the Friendly Network banks under the tariffs of OJSC Bakai Bank.

The Friendly network includes the following banks:

OJSC Bakai Bank


CJSC "Bank of Asia",

OJSC "Dos-Credit Bank

Finance Credit Bank CAB

OJSC "Capital Bank

For more detailed information, please reach our call-center at 6111 or visit one of  the Bakai Bank branches.