Islamic Financial Center Card (IFC Card)

Islamic Financial Center Card (IFC Card)
  • Currency : Soms
  • Issue : Free of charge
  • Annual maintenance fee : 100 soms
Islamic Financial Center Card (IFC Card)

Islamic Finance Center Card (The IFC Card) 

This product complies with the Islamic principles of financing, and has been agreed and approved by the Shariah Council of the Bank. Now the owners of the Islamic Finance Center card have an excellent opportunity to pay for purchases, make transfers and perform other operations, within the framework provided by the Islamic principles of banking services.

With IFC cards no interest is accrued on cash balances on cards. With cash balances on cards the Bank does not perform any operations that are contrary to the Shariah principles of Islam.

No interest is charged for cash deposits to the Elkart IFC cards; the deposits to the IFC cards at the "Bakai Bank" cash desks are free of charge.

There are system restrictions on Elcard Elcard FIC, purchases at specialized establishments are blocked on the program level, such as:

∙ alcohol, tobacco stores;

∙ entertainment and entertainment facilities, betting shops;

∙ Websites with obscene content;

The Bank shall not be liable for incorrect registration in the payment systems of retail stores, which carry out their activities in a different way or direction from their main activity.