Pension card

"Pension Card" is a special project with payment cards "Elcard" launched jointly with the Social Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic, CJSC "Interbank Processing Center" (IPC) and commercial banks.
  • Issue : Free of charge
  • Annual maintenance fee : Free of charge
  • Reissue : Free of charge
Pension card


"Pension Card" - allows the elderly to receive pensions, allowances and compensations to their card accounts with advantageous preferential terms of servicing, developed specially for this project.

When making use of the project "Pension Card" elderly people can withdraw the required sum from the nearest ATM at any convenient time, they can not worry about safety of their savings, theft or loss, and also have an opportunity to multiply their savings.

Specially for all participants of the project "Pension Card" a number of significant advantages were introduced: free opening of the account and issue of the plastic card "Elcard", free service of the account and withdrawal of money in ATMs of Bakai Bank as well as monthly accrual of interests on the remaining sum on the account.


  • Opening a Pensioner's Account and issuing a Pension Card is FREE;
  • Withdrawal of funds from the Pensioner's account in teller machines of the Bank - FREE OF CHARGE;
  • Maintenance of Pensioner's account - FREE OF CHARGE;
  • Reissue of the Pension Card (in case of loss, theft, damage, loss of PIN-code) - FREE OF CHARGE;*.
  • Closing of the individual bank account of a pensioner - FREE OF CHARGE;

         *No more than 2 times a year.


For more information please reach our Contact Center by dialing 6111 or visit Bakai Bank branches directly.

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Pick up your card
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