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VISA payment card

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Visa Infinite




Free of charge

Annual maintenance fee

10 000 soms / $120

Visa Infinite bank payment card issued by Bakai Bank is the most prestigious premium card of VISA Inc. international payment system with a set of unique services. Cardholders receive an exclusive level of service. Customers may contact the Bank and VISA Infinite MPS at any time with any questions on the services provided by the Bank and VISA Infinite: 

  • 24-hour support from the Visa Inc. payment system; 
  • insurance programs for travel and shopping;
  • medical and legal assistance in any country of the world;
  • special offers from partner companies on sales / services, discounts in hundreds of exclusive stores and clubs;
  • providing Visa Infinite cardholders with a personal manager.

Exclusively for the holders of Visa Infinite card from OJSC "Bakai Bank" the services of LoungeKey program are included in the package of services automatically, it is the privilege program which opens the doors to more than 850 VIP and Business - halls of the airports of the world.

Travel at your pleasure, forgetting about worries. Visa Infinite privileges will take care of you every step of the way.

For Visa Infinite cardholders JSB "Bakai Bank" provides the following privileged services:

  • free visits to business-lounges of the airports of the world under LoungeKey program;
  • service in VIP room;
  • 50% for SWIFT transfers (minimum and maximum according to tariffs without discount)
  • opening and maintening current accounts on demand free of charge;
  • provision of statements on bank accounts free of charge;
  • 50% discount for renting small safe deposit boxes.

Currency: KGS or USD

Issue: free of charge

Annual maintenance fee: 1st year - KGS 10000/US$120; 2nd year and all subsequent years - KGS 8000/US$100.  In case of opening an account and payment for 5 years: 35000 soms/$400


For more information please contact our call-center by dialing 6111 or visit "Bakai Bank" branches.


Overdraft "Urgent Advance" of "Bakai Bank" allows you to pay for payments in case of insufficient funds on your card.

"Bakai Bank" offers to take advantage of an advantageous offer - overdraft "Instant Advance" for the clients who have the salary card from "Bakai Bank". Holders of salary cards issued by the bank can take advantage of this product on their salary card up to three salaries. As well as the depositors of "Bakai Bank".

In practice it appears as an overdraft "Urgent Advance" is
is useful as it can become a reserve for unplanned situations.

Conditions for obtaining Overdraft:

  • Participant of the salary project and/or having a deposit in "Bakai Bank".
  • Length of service in the salary project 12 months
  • Term Overdraft: 12 months (can be prolonged)
  • Up to 80% of salary, you should leave an application in "Bakai Bank"
  • Over 80% of average monthly salary and up to 3 average monthly salaries additionally one guarantor from the salary project is needed
  • Interest rate - 28% per annum

For more information please reach our Call Center by dialing 6111 or visit Bakai Bank branches directly. 

"Friendly Network" is a wide network of ATMs and terminals throughout Kyrgyzstan. For the convenience of customers, banks, merged their devices into a single network that serves cards.

  • over 400 ATMs;
  • over 606 cash points (POS-terminals).

Our cardholders can withdraw cash with payment cards of Elcard/VISA in devices of Friendly network on the tariffs of OJSC Bakai Bank.

The Friendly network includes the following banks:

OJSC Bakai Bank


CJSC "Bank of Asia",

OJSC "Dos-Credit Bank

Finance Credit Bank CAB

OJSC "Capital Bank”

For more detailed information please reach our call-center by dialing 6111 or visit "Bakai Bank" branches directly

Three Steps to a New Bakai Bank Card

Fill out an application
It takes 2 minutes, all you need is a contact person and a phone number
Wait for the operator to call you
We'll let you know when and where to pick up the card when it's ready
Pick up your card
Come to a bank office and present your passport

Submit a request for assistance

Visa Infinite
We guarantee the security of your information