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Abundance Deposit

to 10,5%
Interest rate
Additional down payment
Early termination
Monthly payout %
Capitalization %
Partial withdrawal


Partial withdrawals from the date of signing an agreement 

Replenishment before the end of a loan term 





3 months30 days30 days3,5%---  
6 months60 days60 days4,5%---  
9 months60 days60 days5,5%---  
12 months60 days60 days7,5%0,5%0,5%5,0%  
18 months60 days90 days8,5%1,0%1,0%6,0%  

24 months 

60 days120 days9,5%1,5%1,5%7,0% 


36 months60 days120 days10,5%---  

Minimum amount of additional deposit is 1 000 KGS/RUB or 20 USD/EUR.

Deposit shall be returned by the Bank on the deposit closing date.

The deposit is insured according to the procedure, in the amount and on the conditions specified in the Law No. 78 dated May 07, 2008 "On Protection of Bank Deposits".


  • Possibility to deposit additional amounts (the deposit can be replenished)
  • In case of partial withdrawal of the deposit the commission amount is: 1% of the amount withdrawn in the national currency and 0,5% of the amount withdrawn for all other currencies
  • Free issuance of VISA or ELCARD cards (according to tariffs of VISA and ELCARD) 
  • Interest payment is made monthly 

The effective annual interest rate ranges from 3.5% to 10.5% in KGS, from 0.5% to 1.5% in USD, from 0.5% to 1.5% in EUR, from 5.0% to 7.0% in RUB.


Loan Amount

Amount not selected

Interest rate

9 %

Accrued interest


Amount of additional deposit


Total to return


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