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Auto loan Кредит на покупку авто

to 12 000 000 soms
30% of total cost
Down payment
To purchase a car in one of the Bank's partner car dealerships
to 60 months
22 %

In "Autocentre Perekriostok", "Autocentre Estokada" and "Bedachi" you can now buy brand new Toyota, Lexus, BMW, KIA or Ravon cars on finance.

To buy a new car you need to make a down payment - from 20% of its value, used - from 30% and above. So, the purchased car will act as a collateral. If you contribute a smaller amount you will need additional collateral - real estate.

Loan can be both income-based and for self-employed people aged 21 to 65 years inclusive. The period of the loan is up to 5 years.

Loan is processed by Bakai Bank within the shortest period of time - no more than 5 days provided that all necessary documents are submitted.

Interest rate in KGS - 22% per annum (effective interest rate - 24.32%).

Interest rate in dollars - 13% per annum (effective interest rate - up to 13.60%).


  • Individuals whose income comes in the form of wages and/or pension, rent, or those engaged in agribusiness and sole proprietors working on the basis of a patent and/or a Certificate of IE, aged 21 to 65 years inclusive at the time of repayment.
  • Length of service at the last place of work no less than 6 months.
  • Monthly loan payment cannot exceed 50% of the monthly salary/income received (after all insurance deductions and taxes been made).
  • Copies of passports of the Borrower, his/her spouse, mortgagor/cosigner and their spouses (if any);
  • Copies of documents confirming the Borrower's (mortgagor/cosigner's, if any) marital status;
  • Salary certificate for the last 6-12 months indicating years of experience or authorized by signature of a Bank employee, an extract from a card account or statements of accounts of other banks, for the specified period on the receipt of wages;
  • Patent for the last 3-12 months, in exceptional cases patents for 1 month are accepted.
  • Proof of residence certificate indicating family structure - preferable;
  • Documents for the real estate provided as a collateral (title establishing documents, technical passport of the building, Extract from the State Register of Immovable Property Rights issued by the State Registry Office);
  • Documents confirming additional income of the Borrower/family members (pension, part-time work, lease agreement, certificate, patent etc.);
  • If your income is earned by entrepreneurship and used towards your loan repayment, a financial analysis is carried out with the preparation of a cash flow statement and, if necessary, with a mandatory visit to the place of business

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