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All-purpose consumer loans up to 5 000 000 soms Consumer loan

from 101 000 to 5 000 000 soms
any purpose
up to 60 months
from 20%*

Who can qualify: 

Individuals and sole proprietors (patent, certificate).

  • Age from 21 to 65 years, for payroll and/or pension cardholders of the Bank - age up to 70 years is allowed;
  • Residents or citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • Permanent income, confirmed by documents..
Type of loanCurrencyInterest rate, per annum
for payroll KGS20%*
for third-party individuals22-23%*

Effective interest rate:

For payroll and/or pension cardholders of the Bank - 22%;

For individuals with proof of official income - 24.42-25.65%.

Product features

All purpose consumer loans not prohibited by the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic

Loan currency: only in national currency

Loan term: from 3 to 60 months

Loan amount: from 101,000 soms to 5,000,000 soms


Purchase of furniture, appliances and household items, repair and/or purchase of a car, payment for education, payment for treatment, travel and recreation, celebrations and family events, refinancing of non-problem loans in other banks and FCIs  and other consumer purposes.

Loan repayment: monthly annuity, monthly principal amount in equal installments.

Early repayment/partial early repayment: according to the Bank's tariffs

  • Borrower's passport;
  • Marriage certificate - provided to confirm spousal relationship;
  • Passport of a spouse (if any);
  • Patent (for last 3-6 months) /Certificate (reference from tax/social fund on absence of debts)/Income certificate for the last 3-12 months; *.
  • Cosigner's passport;
  • Documents on pledge (real estate);
  • Cosigner's marriage rcertificate - provided to confirm marital relationship;
  • Passport of a spouse (if any);
  • Certificate of income for the past 3-12 months;*.
  • Certificate of income or other documents confirming income;
  • And also other documents necessary for takig out a loan, according to the legislation of KR.

*If there are contributions to the Social Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic, the certificate of salary is not required

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Loan amount

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Interest rate

28 %

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