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0% Installment plan Consumer loan

from 5 000 to 500 000 soms
Down payment
any purpose
no cosigner required for loans up to 300 000 soms
3 to 24 months
0 %

0% Installment Plan - interest-free loan in Bakai Bank's partner stores. No interest and overpayments: you pay the cost of goods, but in installments. Among the partner stores are electronics, appliances, computers, cell phones, furniture, jewelry, building materials, windows, and travel agencies. 

Who can qualify?

-Age 21 to 65 years old, for salary and/or pension cardholders of the Bank - up to 70 years old

- Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic

- Permanent stable income, supported with documents (certificate of income / patent / certificate of IE)

Currency: Soms

Amount: 5 000 to 300 000 soms

Terms: 3 to 24 months

Repayment: monthly payments in equal pay amounts according as per established loan repayment schedule

Collateral: purchased goods. In the event of service being granted, no collateral required

Early repayment: in accordance with the Bank's tariffs

Cosigner: For loans over 200 000 soms 1 cosigner is required (for loans to purchase phones over 100 000 soms a cosigner is required)


  • Passport, passport of a spouse, marriage certificate
  • Certificate of salary for last 3-12 months
  • Patent and other documents confirming entrepreneurial activity
  • Payment invoice for purchased goods


What can I buy with an installment plan?

  • Telephones, computers, office equipment, and furniture,
  • Refrigerators, washing machines, microwave, ovens, vacuum cleaners and many other home appliances
  • Home furniture: sofas, beds, kitchen furniture
  • Building materials: tiles, wallpaper, plastic windows
  • Jewelry and fur coats
  • Bicycles, sports gear
  • Tours and Tickets



Name Address Category
Turganbaeva Mukhabbat Murkamilovna IETSUM, O floor, kiosk G-2 
Abdygulov IEGUM, 1st floor, kiosk A-13 
Shyikymbaev IE146 Abdrahmanov St. Computers and laptops
Talipov IE29 Maldybaev St. Online store 
Melisov IETSUM, 1st floorCell phones 
Edgyle Dent LLC173 Panfilov St. Manufacturing 
Kovalev IE TSUM, 5th floor, kiosk A4Household appliances
Karpenko IETSUM, 3rd floor Bicycles and haberdashery
Surapova IEBereket Grand, 3rd floor, kiosk B-43Furniture 
Mahovskaya IETSUM, 4th floor, kiosk А-3TV sales 
Rassohina IE16 Asanaliev St. Sales of sanitary ware 
Popova IE575 Jibek Jolu AvenueCar alarm systems
"KoMet" LLC137 Panfilov St. Construction materials 
LLC "Amin Trans"103 Bokonbaev St. Tourism
Abitbekova IETSUM,1st floor, kiosk А-3Cell phones 
LLC "Mir Kafelya"43 Chui AvenueTile, wallpaper, laminate flooring
LLC "Kyrgyz Sport Holding"19, Tunguch microdistrict, apt.31Sporting goods 
LLC "Azuu Dent"8/1 Asanbai microdistrict Dental clinic 
LLC "Sakura Transformer"53/1 Tokombaev St., 2nd floor, kiosk А1/1Furniture and accessories
Schigarev IE TSUM,4th floor ,kiosk В11Audio and video products
LLC "Aska Travel"96 Kievskaya St.,apt.88Tours, excursions 
Askarbekov IE2/2 Shabdan Baatyr Avenue Manufacture of plastic products 
Bondarev IE121 Moskovskaya St. Musical instruments 
Shumilov IE83 Gorkiy St. Computers and software 
Orozalieva IEBeren Gold shopping center Jewelry
Atakuev IETSUM,1st floor, kiosk B-9Cell phones 
Pak Nina IEGoin shopping center,2nd floor, kiosk С-8Electric vehicles 
Turganbaeva IETSUM 0 floor Cell phones 
LLC "Smartkei"8/2 Mederova St. Electronics online store 
Kabaev IE297 Den Syaopin St.Sale of furniture and assembly
Janyshbaev IEBereket Grand shopping center Gold jewelry
Koikelov IE139 Abdrahmanov St. Cell phones and cell phone accessories 
Nits Sergei IE n/a
Turganbaeva IETSUM,0 floor, kiosk G-2Cell phones and cell phone accessories 
LLC "Fonotek"6 Togolok Moldo St. Hearing aid 
LLC "Limitless"173 Jalilov M. St.IT courses 
LLC "EliteGaz"197/1 Tynystanov St. Gas equipment and boilers
LLC "Asia Expedition Travel"26А Logvinenko St.,apt.53Travel agency 
Kadyrbekov IETSUM,1st floor,kiosk D12Cell phones and cell phone accessories
LLC "Amir Service Group"9 Fuchik St. n/a
Jumalieva IEBereket Grand,1st floor,kiosk 31n/a
Marifova IEBeren Gold,room 702Cell phones and cell phone accessories 
Melisova IEMega Comfort,3rd floor, kioskС12/1Furniture
LLC "Sunny KG"108 Gorkiy St. Travel agency 
Mamyraliev IE1 Suyumbaev St. Plastic, aluminum windows and doors
LLC "Janart Trade"7 Erkindik blvd.,apt.5Water filters 
Berdibek u IETSUM, 1st floor, shop D-12Cell phones and accessories 
Sydygaliev IETSUM, 1st floor, shop Е-7Cell phones and accessories 
Aidaraliev IETSUM, 1st floor, shop В-7Cell phones and accessories 
LLC "DA" 59 Pojarskiy St. Dental clinic 
Jarkanbek u IEGUM,1st floor,shop ОА13Cell phones and accessories 
Sydykova IETSUM,1st floor,shop А12Cell phones and accessories 
Sayakbai u IELebedinovka village,263 Michurin St. Household appliances, furniture, strollers
Turgunbaev IE195 Kievskaya St. Cell phones 
Uibakova IE64/2 Tunguch microdictrict,apt.8Fur products 
Turgunaliev IE48 Ahunbaev St. Water filters 
Abdezova IETSUM,1sr floor,shop В-2Tableware, cookware 
Ashymov IENovo Pokrovka village,229 Almatinskaya St. Manufacturing and sale of swings 
LLC "Sunny KG"108-110 Gorkiy St. Travel agency 
LLC "Etno yurty"10 Baatyrskaya St. Yurts and tents 
LLC "Mebelmiks"170/1 Toktogula St. Office furniture 
Sagynova IETSUM,2nd floor,shop 102Jewelry 
LLC "Sert International"25 Isanov St. Educational courses services 
Sabirov IE152 Abdrahmanov St. Musical instruments 
Karabekova IETSUM,1st floor,shop А-15,16Cell phone and accessories 
LLC "Softskills"125/1 Tokogul St. IT services 
Kadyrov IE1 Sadygalueva St. Car maintenance services 

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