Instant money transfers worldwide!

Want to quickly transfer your funds anywhere in the world? And all this without spending time to open an account? Bakai Bank offers a range of services for this very purpose. You will be able to make money transfers to Russia, CIS, near and far abroad countries.

Popular payment systems to choose from include:

  • Zolotaya Korona;
  • Western Union;
  • MoneyGram;
  • Other popular services.

Bakai Transfer should be singled out separately. The system operates across the entire territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. You can make a transfer both in common currencies (rubles, dollars, euros) and in national currency. The minimum commission in this case will be only 50 KGS. The maximum transfer amount is up to one million KGS.


Bakai Bank has a wide branch network of more than 100 branches. They are distributed evenly among the cities and towns of the republic. You will be able to make fast money transfers to Kyrgyzstan in any of them. If you have any questions, the branch staff will provide detailed answers. You can find the exact tariffs, terms and commissions for each payment system at the bank branch or on the website.




Transfer Zolotaya Korona

Zolotaya Korona

Zolotaya Korona money transfers is a money transfer service that does not require opening an account. The payment service system allows individuals to send money abroad quickly, safely and conveniently.

  • Wide service network: over 20,000 points in 70+ countries. Participants and partners include banks, large retail chains, and postal operators. You can find the nearest service points on the Zolotaya Korona website or in the Korona mobile app (6+, available for download in AppStore and Google Play).
  • Speed: you can receive a money transfer in a few minutes after sending it.
  • Control: you can check the status of the transfer 24 hours a day online in your personal profile on the Zolotaya Korona website or in the Korona mobile app
  • 0% tariff The 0% offer is valid provided that the currency is converted at the exchange rate of RNKO “Payment Center” (LLC) at the time of sending the transfer (the receipt currency must be different from the currency of sending).

Charges for money transfers sent by Zolotaya Korona

The money transfer service is a part of the Zolotaya Korona payment system registered by the Bank of Russia (registration certificate No. 0012). The stability and reliability of Zolotaya Korona is ensured by the operator and settlement center of the payment system - RNKO Payment Center (LLC).

Additional information on Zolotaya Korona money transfers can be found at by calling the 24-hour support service +7 (495) 96-00-555 (calls are charged according to the terms and conditions of your service provider).

Money transfer services within the framework of the payment system “Zolotaya Korona” and within the framework of international transfers “Zolotaya Korona” (Money Transfer Services Agreement) (Offer) are provided by the bank in accordance with the procedure established by the applicable national legislation of the bank's country of incorporation. Money transfer operator, operator of the payment system “Zolotaya Korona” - RNKO “Payment Center” (LLC), reg. number 0012 dated 20.12.2012, license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation No. 3166-K dated 14.04.2014, Novosibirsk, 86 Kirov St., OGRN 1025400002968.

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Transfer Bakai Transfer

Bakai Transfer


National currency: minimum commission is 50 soms from the transfer amount.   

Foreign currency: minimum commission in US dollars is 1 dollar; in Euro is 1 euro; in Tenge is 200 tenge; in Roubles is 50 roubles.                      

Coverage: across the Kyrgyz Republic.

Maximum transfer amount: up to 1 000 000 soms, up to 700 000 Russian roubles, up to 20 000 US dollars, up to 15 000 Euros, up to 3 000 000 tenge.

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Transfer Western Union

Western Union

OJSC "BAKAI BANK" provides Fast and convenient money transfers all over the world!


  • over 550 thousand service points!
  • presence in over 200 countries!
  • company turnover of $150 billion.
  • tariffs starting at $2 
  • maximum amount to be sent 7 500$

Tariffs for transfers

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Transfer fees

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Transfer MoneyGram


MoneyGram is a simple, fast and reliable international money transfers. It's easy and convenient to get money transfers with MoneyGram, as there are offices in more than 200 countries across the world.


  • Transfer currency: US dollars (USD)
  • Transfer fee*: from 3 USD
  • Maximum transfer amount: up to 10,000 $
  • Speed of transfer: several minutes
  • Information on the transfer status on the site of MoneyGram system.        

There is no single fixed rate in the system, commission fee for the transfer depends on the transfered amount, country of its receipt, and also on special tariff offers which are effective at the moment of transfer, therefore transfer cost should be found out in each specific case in bank branches at the moment of transfer.


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Transfer RIA Money Transfer

RIA Money Transfer

Ria Money Transfer has been operating on the market since 1987 and is one of the three world leaders in international money transfers with the annual turnover of more than $575 billion. The global network includes more than 350,000 outlets in 150 countries on 6 continents.

Ria offers fast money transfers across Europe. U.S., Middle and Far Abroad at the best rates.

With Ria your nearest and dearest became even closer!

Advantages of Ria Money Transfer:

  • Money transfers are available for payment in minutes after sending;
  • Sending and payment of foreign money transfers is made in euros / U.S. dollars;
  • Fee amounts to 1-3% of the transfer amount, depending on the country of destination;
  • The recipient is not charged a fee.
  • All money transfers in Ria Money Transfer are non-commercial!

 Official company website

 Track transfer status at

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Transfer UPT


Bakai Bank's cooperation with UPT allows us to provide our customers with fast and efficient transfer of funds to Turkey at a particularly favorable price.

Universal Payment Transfer was founded in 2010 and is one of the leaders of international money transfer services in Turkey.
UPT is the first company in Turkey, which provides its customers with bank account transfers, depositing and receiving cash worldwide.

UPT has more than 400,000 service points in nearly 200 countries on all five continents.

Today, UPT is a subsidiary of Aktif Bank, the largest investment bank in Turkey.

List of BAKAI BANK OJSC locations where you can send or receive money transfers

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Transfer Astrasend


Astrasend is an international Payment System established in Russia and is aimed at providing high quality, fast and affordable money transfer services

  • Transfers to and from individuals.
  • Issuance of an incoming transfer at any branch of the Bank.
  • Issuance of a transfer in Kyrgyz soms or Russian rubles.
  • Commission to be paid by the sender.

How to get a transfer?

  • The recipient should come to one of the branches of the Bank with his/her passport and transfer code received from the sender.

Bakai Bank,
Among other things, a solid bank.

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Transfer PLUSPAY


Платежная система PLUSPAYоснована в 2017 году. Основной задачей компании является создание сервисов и продуктов максимально доступных для клиентов по выгодным ценам.

Денежные переводы и платежиPLUSPAY:

  • Отправка и выплата денежных переводов наличными денежными средствами физическим лицам без открытия счета;
  • Переводы и платежи осуществляются в российских рублях.  

Официальный сайт компании

Как отправить перевод

Как  получить перевод

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