Get 3% on your card from your purchase amount with a VISA card from "Bakai Bank"

15 May 2024

You can make purchases today in a single click. To do this, you need to log in to your favorite app or marketplace and link your card. With these simple manipulations, you can buy whatever you like, while at work, at home or on your way home.

However, if your choice of purchases in an online store is a matter of taste, then the choice of card determines how profitable your purchases will be. The best assistant for online shopping is Visa card from "Bakai Bank".

When paying with a Visa card from Bakai Bank, you will be refunded 3% of the value when:

  • shopping on the Wildberries marketplace;
  • ordering food from popular services such as Glovo, Dodo-pizza, Yandex Food;
  • buying tickets to Cinematica movie theaters or at

In addition, users of "Bakai Bank" Visa cards participating in the "CASHBACK +" campaign have access to favorable cashback offers:

  •   Increased cashback of 5% for taxi services;
  • 1-2% for purchases through POS-terminals.

A bonus of 5% cashback on taxi rides is another nice thing, so it is more pleasant to bring your purchases home.

By the way, as part of the "Cashback +" promotion, there is now no minimum purchase amount on debit cards and no limits on repayment on credit cards. And what is important, real money comes back to you, not just bonuses, that is, you will be able to spend them for any purpose.

To get cashback, you need to pay for your purchases with a Visa KGS card. The cashback will then be displayed on the homepage of BakAi app after the bank has processed the transaction. Accrued funds will be credited at the end of the month to one of the selected accounts.

The promotion is valid until August 30, 2024, and the increased cashback of up to 5% for taxi services is valid until June 28, 2024. The promotion is not valid for payroll project cards, where the bonus is 3% on the account balance. Detailed information is available by following the link and calling 6111 (the call is free of charge from mobile operators of the Kyrgyz Republic).