Virtual Card from Bakai Bank

16 January 2023

A virtual payment card - always at hand!

Beginning of this week was marked by the official launch of a new product from Bakai Bank - virtual VISA and Elcard payment cards.

Virtual card is a payment card without a plastic carrier, all details (expiration date, account) are stored in the mobile application, CVV code and card number comes in an SMS-message.*

What are the advantages of a virtual card?

One of the main advantages of Bakai Bank virtual card is its instant issue and high security protection. 

Our customers can now get a virtual card through Bakai24 mobile application and use it to pay for online purchases, make payments at POS terminals and withdraw cash at any NFC-enabled ATMs.**

Terms of Service
The card is issued for 3 years, with a currency of your choice: Kyrgyz som or a US dollar. Annual maintenance - 0 KGS (provided that the card is valid until 31.12.2023).

How do I get the card?

For existing Bakai Bank customers the card can be instantly applied for through their Bakai24 application. For those who want to become a customer, the card can also be easily obtained through the Bakai24 app by doing passing a remote identification process. 

*Sending SMS text messages is available to the phone numbers of the KR phone providers. 

**Feature is available for Visa cardholders, only on Android smartphones and smart watches that support this feature.