Together towards a flourishing capital. "Bakai Bank" has once again provided assistance to "Tazalyk".

07 June 2023

We once again sponsored the municipal enterprise "Tazalyk". This time, the municipal service, in addition to protective clothing, received the equipment it needed, including an electric scooter.

"We are closely following the work of "Tazalyk". In social networks we saw how the head of the enterprise travels through the areas on a scooter he rented and decided that it would be appropriate to give the enterprise electric scooter. It will help the management of "Tazalyk" to promptly respond to the requests and applications of citizens, and in the shortest possible time to get to the most problematic areas by environmentally friendly transport and control the process of cleaning the capital, "- said the Chairman of the Management Board Nurgul Satarova.

Additionally, we supplied the company with 120 sets of uniforms designed specifically for workers engaged in garbage collection.

Also, the service was equipped with a breathalyzer for medical examination of garbage truck drivers who come on shift. The company did not have one before.

"We ordered the uniforms to be made by the sewing company of the Kyrgyz Society for the Blind and Deaf. It is durable, with good dust and moisture protection. This is very important because people who load household waste into garbage trucks work in difficult conditions. The support of the Kyrgyz Society for the Blind and Deaf is no less important. We are grateful to them for the timely and high quality tailoring of our order and will continue to cooperate with them in the future", - said Nurgul Satarova.

Ramis Aliev, director of the "Tazalyk" SE, on behalf of the entire staff of the enterprise expressed gratitude to "Bakai Bank" for the company's contribution to improving the life of Bishkek and the work of its key services.

We note that the assistance to the municipality is part of the "25 years - 25 good deeds" initiatives organized by the Bank in the jubilee year.

Earlier we handed 500 sets of bright reflective vests to the Tazalyk employees, made especially for the company's janitors, who clean the roads and streets of the city in the dark time of the day. Previously, they used old vests, which were poorly distinguishable in the headlights and posed a threat to the lives and health of workers.