ILBIRS E-wallet

Ilbirs is a programme that makes it possible for the user to keep electronic money and to perform cashless payments through the internet.

Advantages of Ilbirs E-wallet

  • Simplicity. You need only to enter your mobile phone number for registration.
  • Availability. E-wallet is accessible in any place where the Internet is.
  • Security. Full confidentiality and safety of financial transactions. All transactions must be confirmed by entry code, that you’ll get in SMS messages sent to the mobile phone of the wallet’s owner.
  • Speed. Payments and transfers are performed immediately.
  • Economy. Payment and transfers are free of charge.

Download "Ilbirs" Electronic wallet" Application

  1. Download "Ilbirs" Electronic wallet" Application
  2. Push button Registration
  3. Enter mobile number and e-mail, then push button Create a wallet
  4. It is necessary to be authorized and consider a new password after receiving SMS-notification with the password.

Download "Ilbirs" Electronic wallet" Application in Google Play Download "Ilbirs" Electronic wallet" Application in App Store

How to replenish Ilbirs E-wallet?

  1. In Banks 163 divisions
  2. From account/card account through «Bakai24»
  3. By means of payment through Quickpay terminals
  4. From other Ilbirs electronic wallet.

What types of services can be paid by Ilbirs electronic wallet?

  • Cellular communication
  • Internet and IP telephony
  • Utility payments
  • FIXED-line telephony
  • Commercial TV
  • Payment of goods and services
  • Replenishment of electronic wallets
  • Taxes in the State Tax Service of the KR and payments to the Social Fund of the KR

Commission fee for Ilbirs electronic wallet

No. Name of Service Current tariff
1 Commission fee for issue and connection of electronic wallet 0%
2 Commission fee for service of electronic wallet 0%
3 Commission fee for replenishment in Bank’s divisions 0%
4 Commission fee for replenishment through Quickpay terminals Lower than 1000 KGS — 5 KGS
From 1001 to 5000 KGS — 10 KGS
5001 KGS and above — 20 KGS
5 Commission fee for transfer to account, opened at Bakai Bank OJSC 0%
6 Commission fee for transfer from one electronic wallet to other within the network 0%
7 Commission fee for cash withdrawal through divisions of Bakai Bank OJSC 0,5% (min 5 KGS)
8 Payment of housing and public utilities services, cellular communication, internet providers, electronic wallets 0 KGS

Instructions for registering the e-wallet "ILBIRS"

For any questions, please contact the following numbers:

+996 (312) 61 00 61



Foreign Exchange Rates

Purchase Sale
USD 77.7500 78.1500
EUR 87.2000 88.7000
RUB 1.0850 1.1030
KZT 0.1700 0.2000
GBP 90.0000 100.0000
CNY 9.0000 12.0000
Purchase Sale
USD 77.5000 78.5000
EUR 86.2000 88.8000
RUB 1.0300 1.1200
KZT 0.1400 0.2100
GBP 86.0000 101.0000
CNY 8.5000 12.5000
FX rate
USD 77.7979
EUR 88.1334
RUB 1.0976
KZT 0.1896
GBP 96.0947
CNY 10.9124

Course listed on 10.07.2020

Exchange rates are valid for Bishkek city. Exchange rates are valid for an amount of up to $1000 (or equivalent in other currencies), rates for amounts above$1000 are contractual