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Mobile banking

Mobile banking is a modern service designed for the convenient use of banking services which allows you to control the movement of funds using a mobile application. Anywhere anytime, the client has an access to perform various operations with the account, as well as obtaining additional information about it.

Advantages of Mobile Banking 

  • Increased convenience when using banking services;
  • Remote management of accounts, allowing customers to use banking services directly from their homes, offices or restaurants, without visiting the nearest bank office;
  • When you activate Mobile Banking service, you automatically get access to Internet Banking service.

What can you do using Mobile Banking?

  • View accounts and your account information;
  • View exchange rates;
  • Make intra-bank payments;
  • Make payments in local currency through the system;
  • Conversion operations (currency exchange);
  • Service payments (utilities, balance top up, etc.) - commission-free

How to Connect to Mobile Banking

  • You can subscribe to the service at any branch of the Bank
  • The application is available for downloading to users



Quick access in Mobile Banking

- App settings - https://bakai24.app/settings 
- Transaction history and internal transfers - https://bakai24.app/app/history  
- Hide total balance, Select default account - https://bakai24.app/finances/settings 
- Display accounts - https://bakai24.app/finances/settings/visibility
-  Payment for services - https://bakai24.app/services
-  Active automated payments - https://bakai24.app/autopayments
- Transfers - https://bakai24.app/app/payments
- Map of branches and ATMs - https://bakai24.app/points
- Bakai24 chat support - https://bakai24.app/support
- Calculator and exchange rates - https://bakai24.app/transfers/currency-calc
- Notifications - https://bakai24.app/notifications
- News - https://bakai24.app/news
- Find the app version, check for updates - https://bakai24.app/settings/about

We will be glad to get your feedback and suggestions on Whats`App number: 0 (555) 61-00-11 

BAKAI BANK OJSC never sends messages to clients from their mailboxes, requiring them to confirm the password, login or other confidential information, via e-mail messages.

If you received a suspicious message requesting your personal data: login, password, pin-codes and other confidential information, please ignore them. Please forward these messages to service@bakai.kg or contact our Call Center: +996 (312) 61 00

If you have any questions about the system, please contact Bank Call Center by phone +996 (312) 61-00-61.