Agro-Small loan

Agro-Small loan

up to 5 years


from 11%


Up to 20 000 000 KGS


Target audience:

Individuals (incl. PSF – private subsidiary farm);
Individual entrepreneurs
Legal entities (incl. peasant farms and cooperatives).


Intended use:

Working capital replenishment;
Acquisition of seeds, fertilizers, means of protection, fodder, fuel and lubricant materials for agricultural needs;
Acquisition of animals, poultry, seedlings, bee colonies and beehives, etc.;
Acquisition and repair of agricultural machinery and equipment;
Acquisition of equipment for processing agricultural produce;
Real estate acquisition, construction and repairs for agricultural purposes;
Payment for agricultural works;
Refinancing performing loans in other Banks;
Consumer purposes given the availability of a functioning agricultural business;
Opening a new type of business given the availability of a functioning agricultural business;
Other purposes.


Loan currency:

KG soms
Russian rubles
US dollars
Kazakhstani tenge


Loan amount:

From 2 500 001 to 20 000 000 KGS;
from 2 500 001 to 20 000 000 RUB;
from 50 001 to 300 000 USD;
from 50 001 to 300 000 EUR;
from 15 000 001 to 37 750 000 KZT.


Repayment procedure

Loan repayment and interest payment is made monthly (once a month) by annuity payment;

A flexible loan repayment schedule may be negotiated depending on the seasonality of the business, etc. It is possible to repay the principal debt once a quarter, however, interest payments are made monthly.


Business operation period

Borrower should be engaged in agricultural business for at least one agricultural cycle, specializing in crop or bee farming. For other types of business, the operation period should be at least 12 months.

1. Borrower’s passport and notarized declaration of marital status (if the Borrower is unmarried/divorced/widowed);
2. Certificate of marriage registration – submitted to confirm a spousal relationship;
3. Spouse’s passport (if available), declaration of consent for obtaining the loan;

4. Certificate from Ayil Okmotu on cattle availability and quantity;
5. Additional income besides agricultural business is mandatory: documents confirming client’s income;
Certificate confirming the right to use the land share;
7. Patent, if the loan amount exceeds 500 000 KGS or its equivalent in US dollars or euro;
8. Documents of title for agricultural transport, agricultural real estate;
9. Documents of title and title certification for real estate;
10. Guarantor’s passport and declaration of marital status (if the Guarantor is unmarried/divorced/widowed);
11. Certificate of marriage registration - submitted to confirm a spousal relationship;
12. Spouse’s passport (if available), guarantor consent form;
13. Certificate of salary for at least the last 12 months (in tabular form – accrued, deducted, net pay) or other documents confirming Guarantor’s solvency;

14. As well as other documents necessary for processing a loan.

Management Board


up to 5 years
from 12%
up to 2 500 000 KGS

Agro-Small loan

up to 5 years
from 11%
Up to 20 000 000 KGS

Agricultural financing – 7

up to 3 years
from 6%

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Monthly installment


Total to return


The result of calculating a calculator is informative. Exact parameters loan will be calculated by the Bank on the results of your application.

For more information, please contact Bakai OJSC Bank".

Month Remainder Repayment Repayment % Payouts

The frequency and amount of loan payments may differ from those shown in According to terms of the loan agreement. This loan payment schedule is not a public offer and intended for reference only.


Foreign Exchange Rates

Purchase Sale
USD 73.0000 73.7000
EUR 80.0000 83.0000
RUB 1.0500 1.0700
KZT 0.1600 0.1900
GBP 85.0000 97.0000
CNY 9.0000 12.0000
Purchase Sale
USD 72.7000 74.0000
EUR 79.0000 84.0000
RUB 1.0100 1.0900
KZT 0.1300 0.2050
GBP 82.0000 100.0000
CNY 8.0000 13.0000
FX rate
USD 73.4927
EUR 81.8635
RUB 1.0542
KZT 0.1797
GBP 90.6975
CNY 10.3291

Course listed on 02.06.2020

Exchange rates are valid for Bishkek city. Exchange rates are valid for an amount of up to $1000 (or equivalent in other currencies), rates for amounts above$1000 are contractual