ADM: How does Bakai Bank provide benefits to businesses?

06 February 2024

In the present-day world, online technologies are becoming an integral part of many spheres of activity, including finance. An ADM (automated deposit machine) is one of the important tools that greatly simplifies the work of entrepreneurs and increases the efficiency of their business. This advanced equipment designed for cash processing enables money to be instantly credited to a company's account without the need to visit bank cash offices and manually count banknotes.

Note the following advantages of using ADM:

  • Save on operating costs: employees no longer need to spend time on initial cash handling operations or to prepare documents to accompany banknotes.
  • Reduction of labor costs: employees no longer need to arrange banknotes in order (ADM counts cash regardless of their sorting by denomination);
  • High speed of recalculation of deposited banknotes;
  • Instant crediting of the deposited money to current account without participation of bank employees, thus saving the client's time;
  • Check confirmation of transactions;
  • Effective detection of counterfeit banknotes with the help of a modern banknote detector;
  • Easy operation due to the user-friendly interface and others.

Bakai Bank is continuously improving its services for businesses to ensure security and maximum convenience on your financial transactions. To achieve this goal, the Bank has begun installing ADM at its branches. You can currently take advantage of this benefit at two branches of Bakai Bank:

  1. "Central" branch at 118 Moskovskaya Street is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m;
    "Retail Center" branch at 125 Abdrakhmanova Street is open 24 hours a day, which will allow you to deposit money to your current account at any convenient time for you.

Free up time for something more important to do in your business and choose ADM from Bakai Bank - your trusted partner in enhancing and growing your financial operations.

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