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Mortgage Mortgage

to 15 000 000 soms
30 % of total amount
Down payment
purchase of residential property
to 7 years
from 18 %

Initial payment

Minimum 30% of the cost of the purchased real estate. In absence of down payment it is allowed to take additional collateral in the form of real estate, the collateral value of which must be at least 30% of the value of the acquired property.

Interest rates 

Type of product

% rates

Mortgage for project members

17% - first 4 years
18,5% - the next 3 years
20% - from the 8th year until the end of the term

Mortgage for third-party individuals

18% - first 4 years
19.5% - the next 3 years
21% - from the 8th year until the end of the term

*Effective interest rate from 18,54% per annum.


Proof of employment/ solvency and required documents

  • Copies of passports of the Borrower, his/her spouse, pledger/cosigner and their spouses (if any)
  • Copies of documents proving marital status of the Borrower (pledger/cosigner, if any)
  • Proof of actual residency with indication of family structure
  • Documents for pledged real estate (title documents, technical passport for a building, Extract from the State Register for Immovable Property Rights, issued by the State Registry)

For individuals:

  • Salary certificate for the last 3-12 months, pensions, or authorized by signature of the Bank’s employee, bank statement or statements from other banks for a specified period on the receipt of wages / pensions
  • Documents certifying additional income of the Borrower/family members (pension, part-time employment, lease agreement, etc.).

For Individual Entrepreneurs:

  • Copies of IE/Patent certificates for the last 3-6 months, for ongoing entrepreneurial activity with indication of type and location of business
  • Original reference from the local municipality regarding the existence of livestock and/or documents confirming the existence of farmland, if the borrower is engaged in agribusiness.
  • Other documents necessary for evaluation of the Borrower’s/cosigner’s solvency (contracts, agreements, certificates on land title or existence of livestock, etc.).


Loan amount

Amount not selected

Interest rate

28 %

Monthly payment


Total repayment


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